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Advice wanted with popular Video Editing suit for i2 users
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Steve H i2
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Hi Guy’s

Most helpful video editing advice only please.

Which are the most popular and easiest to use Video Editing suit’s for i2 users.

We all have had to start somewhere for those of us who have been flying for a few years,

but not got any real video editing experience,

it would be great if you could help and pool some of you knowledge.

So that the vast majority of i2 flyers can benefit from your input.

To help us all broaden our horizons,

And also to say thank you for any good advice given.
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Hi Steve,

I too am very new to video editing.

I am using Filmora by Wondershare. It is pretty easy to use (lots of tutorials available on youtube).

I am  working with H-264 (MP4) files,  and getiing some very good results


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Sometimes, a question is answered via another question..... What are your editing requirements?

Your I2 is a professional aircraft, with professional capabilities and a professional price tag. Many owners will require professional color grading capabilities in their workflow/editing software to meet the demands of their customer, while others simply turn the raw footage over for customer edits and production. Either way, the digital software of today is similar to the dark room of film days - it's where much of the magic takes place within the production process.

At the top end of the feature <-> price spectrum you'll find these products (most if not all have excellent YouTube tutorials covering almost every possible feature and function):

Apple Final Cut Pro X  -> FCPX is Apple's premier product at $299.99. The link provides the overview, technical specs, and details. Naturally, it requires macOS 10.12.4 or later.

Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects -> As with Photoshop for still pictures, Adobe's video production and editing software is led with Adobe PP and many also use AE. Adobe software runs on either Windows or Mac. Adobe has transitioned to a monthly/annual subscription purchasing plan that includes numerous options for purchase.

Sony Catalyst Production Suite -> SONY was once a leader in the video camera marketplace and had an extensive line of VEGAS video production software which has now been sold to MAGIX Software GmbH. Today, Catalyst Production Suite is their premier product. They do offer their simplified Catalyst Browse software for free download (see below).

BlackMagicDesign Davinci Resolve 14 -> As their web link states, "Revolutionary new tools for editing, color correction and professional audio post production, all in a single application!", and my favorite (as they offer a free version for personal use - see below). Blackmagicdesign offers end-to-end professional equipment, service and software for every need. Their Professional DaVinci Resolve 14 Studio software suite is $299 and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

These and other high-end software products are feature rich and take some effort to learn and master their workflows and capabilities.

At the middle-tier, for owners and hobbyist who can afford the I2, as well as the Phantom, Mavic, Spark, etc. owners, who have less demanding video delivery requirements, there are numerous less expensive editors that are available. These include:

Wondershare Filmora -> $59.99
Cyberlink PowerDirector 16 -> $59.99
NCHSoftware VideoPad Video Editor -> $39.95
Vegas Movie Studio 15 Suite (formerly SONY, now Magix) -> $49.99 - $139.99

These mid-tier products have a flatter learning curve and reduce the feature sets somewhat from the top-tier products. But they provide a step in learning the skills to become a proficient video editor, splicing clips together to tell your story effectively.

At the starting line of editing are the FREE ones, and surprisingly the top tier offer free trials or even better free individual user versions. If you are just starting, here's where to begin:

Davinci Resolve (v14) -> FREE & there are endless YouTube Turorials if you are willing to make the effort to learn)
Sony Catalyst Browse (v2017) -> FREE
HitFilm Express 5.0.7012 -> FREE
Flash-Integro VSDC Editor (v5.8.6) -> FREE

There are others that are undoubtedly overlooked. Hopefully others will post their experiences.

The DJI editor within the DJI GO4 App may be a starting place for some; transitioning to one of the free editors can get you started.
As your proficiency increases, hopefully you'll find the software package that meets your requirements.

Good luck, happy editing, and share your work, as we all look forward to viewing! Always fly safely!

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VSDC Video Editor Crack is a feature-rich application for editing video and audio files.

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As mentioned above--
First --is their a business/customer requirement to meet--that may be the controlling factor.

If not--I have been a Final Cut user for a long time.  If I were on a PC, I would use DaVinci Resolve.  
There are lots of youtube tutorials on using either.
I use my I2 predominantly for photography, but I do usually capture video while I am out shooting.  I capture in ProRes Raw, which works nicely with Final Cut.

But--there are lots of choices, and it really comes down to your need--The I2 system is capable of capturing in high resolution high quality--if that is your goal, then your editing software needs to be compatible with how you capture.
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