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Asked to sign in while IN THE AIR
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Not A Speck Of Cereal
Flight distance : 666493 ft
United States


  • Prepare and charge all equipment
  • Drive to shooting location in another county and wait hours for the right time to shoot
  • Launch P3P into air using DJI GO
  • Get to altitude and am ready to use LITCHI for automation, so close DJI GO
  • LITCHI doesn't connect properly (this issue not related to this post)
  • Close LITCHI and run DJI GO
  • DJI GO asks me to sign in.

This is COMPLETELY unacceptable.

Of course I cannot sign in with no network on my non-cellular iPad, so now I'm forced to land by eye. (If I had a cellular tablet, it would not have had cellular service anyway.)

I was able to change batteries and take off again ONLY because I had the presence of mind to have both DJI GO and LITCHI installed on my smartphone. The phone ALSO required me to sign in, which I was able to do since it is an active cellular device.

HOWEVER, the phone was not charged much and I was forced to quit after one mission attempt, which was not perfect. I was prepared to fly several missions (see step 1) to get the results I wanted, but couldn't because of step 7.

END RESULT: after a day of planning and travelling, I was forced to go home mostly empty handed, absolutely fuming. THIS DOES COST PEOPLE MONEY (you just wasted a full day of my time). IT VERY EASILY COULD COST SOMEONE INCOME. I actually am working to build up a store of stock video footage.

WHY THIS HAPPENED DOES NOT MATTER: it's possible that I was first running with an instance in memory that was already signed in, but the iPad had somehow updated DJI GO so that the next fresh run would have required a new sign in. But you know what? It doesn't matter because this should never be required.


Nearly everytime I fly, I have interested parties ask me what I have, what it costs, etc. I WILL NOW ACTIVELY ADVISE ALL PEOPLE TO NOT GET A PRODUCT THAT REQUIRES YOU BE CONNECTED TO A NETWORK TO SIGN IN BEFORE FLYING.

If your marketing managers really want to entice people to sign in, do something else, such has limiting a couple of "nice have" features, but do NOT disable functionality required to get the job done. That is as far as you should reasonably accept customers to agree with.

And it's ABSOLUTELY INSANE that would actually kill the possibility of flying the craft simply because of this.



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