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Ronin MX - Vibration at Center point
1080 2 2018-3-14
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Hey,i`ve got a new Ronin MX.
With a nearly perfect balanced camera i`ve got very strong rotation at the center point (Roll Axis).
If i drive the roll or pan axis in each directon, the vibration stops (at the pan axis at the end it comes again).
I tried 3 cameras and manual settings in the app (stiffness) but this changed nothing. When i set stiffness to 1 the vibration at the center is gone
but of course you can not work with this setting.

Any hints? or is there something wrong with this ronin?

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Stiffness settings in the app need to be adjusted properly. You did suggest that in this posting. A good area is around 40. Also, check to make sure everything is tightened up properly. Send a personal message if this continues.
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Not sure if this is the issue or not, but here is something interesting from the manual...

Why do you need to use a lens support?
Certain cameras have a very tight lens securing system, and some cameras such as the Canon 5D MK II and MK III have very loose lens securing systems. The Ronin-MX balances the camera as one solid unit. If the mounted camera has a loose lens securing system, the lens support must be used. This is because a loose connection between the lens and the camera body may allow vibrations that travel through to the camera but not directly to the lens, resulting in the two masses shaking at different frequencies. The resulting oscillations will be transmitted to the IMU, causing the whole gimbal to shake. If the lens support  ts, it’s best to use it at all times.
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