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Googles zooming bug report
577 2 2018-3-16
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I have found a bug with my standard Goggles running latest firmware version v01.04.0300 while flying my Mavic Pro with same firmware version.  Mavic's camera is set to 2.7k at 30fps.

As you know it is possible to digitally zoom the video image up to 2.0, both for the GO app running on the mobile device and within the Goggles.
If I will do that while wearing the Goggles, zoom works as should until factor 2.0 has been reached. If I try to zoom further the image will freeze, giving the impression as if the Goggles firmware has crashed.
In realty it does not freeze, but just toggle between the last two video frames received, which will lead to a flickering if there was motion in the video image while zooming.
If I then try to zoom out, at some time the Goggles will get the actual video stream back and continue working normally.
The effect will happen both if I command zooming by the Goggles trackpad or by the 5d button on the remote control.
It seems as if the Goggles are storing the actual zoom factor internally and don't limit the value to 2.0 max. as the GO4 app does, but allow to exceed it limitless, leading to this bug.

In contrast, the GO4 app on my mobile device will just ignore additional zoom commands if factor 2.0 has already been reached.

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Gerd, thanks for your attention and feedback. I would help you forward it.
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I have the same exact issue with my DJI Goggles RE and Mavic Pro with latest F/W as of 10/27/18.
If I swipe 6 times on Goggles touch pad to zoom the image freezes until I zoom out.
First time it happened I thought my Mavic or Goggles had crashed and triggered RTH to bring it back.
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