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DJI Focus has never worked
1070 1 2018-3-16
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So my DJI focus has never really worked.

First unit went back a week after purchase as a DoA (back in 1016 I think).

The replacement unit I tried to get working and it worked for afew moments befor the motor stopped responding so I shelved it.

Just tried again today and the hand remote powered up and the focus motor didn't work as usual.

I tried updating the firmware to V1.6 and now the hand unit wont even power up?

Anyone got any good advice other than throwing this thing away?

I just want to restart the hand controller and start over but the screen is blank, and the LED light is dim white when charging via USB.
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Hi, can you shoot a video of the situation? Did you charge it? Please keep us updated, thanks for your support.
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