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Angle of view of the FPV camera I2
622 1 2018-3-17
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Hi guys...
Does anyone know the angle of view of the FPV camera?
I don't need to know it very exactly, but more or less if it is like a 24mm fullframe, or a 14mm fullframe, or a 35mm...


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Hello everybody,

funny: on exactly the same day but one year later I would like to ask the same question as Desertcruiser already did:

Does anybody know the field of view (FOV) of the I2 or M200/210 FPV camera?
I am asking this because I was given extra instructions from my local Civil Aviation Authority for the fulfillment of an already granted BVLOS permission:
they request one or two FPV camera(s) with 120° horizontal and 120° vertical FOV angle.
I find this viewing angles quite large and don't think that they can accomplish the desired effect: to get visual contact with conflicting air traffic in order to start an evasive action maneuver. The approaching traffic (that I should avoid when flying BVLOS) just will be a tiny little dot on my FPV screen or vr-goggles. Flying BVLOS- FPV with e.g. 94° FOV would make much more sense.

So is there anyone who has an idea of DJI's FPV camera's FOV?

Always happy landings!
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