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Request For improvement: Muting/Snoozing "Low Battery Alarm".
341 0 2018-3-18
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Flight distance : 3299055 ft

I use actually the MP to shoot some soccer games (kids), with the drone far away behing the stadium (for safety and to have a good overview of the whole game). But I stay near the stadium with my RC.
There is one ennoying thing when I reach the low battery level (actually 35%), the RC start loudly BEEP-BEEP until I land the MP, then I get all the audience attention and potentially disturb the game. Putting a lower "low battery level" threshold won't solve the problem
I think giving the option to:- manually mute the alarm when it starts
- manually snooze the alarm for 5% or 10%

would be something useful for any drone pilot who would like to stay discreet when bringing back his drone.

Eventually having rather the mobile vibrating, rather than the RC yelling could be something to consider?

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