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984 1 2015-5-7
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First off I would like to say that my firmware update went off without a hitch.

I was able to update the craft, controller and all batteries.  I had never seen the cam do the things this one did during the update, the thing was spinning around as if posset!  There were a few different sounding D-D-D-D also.  I timed this one to see how accurate the instructions from DJI were.

Craft took 23 minutes
RC took 5 minutes
Each Battery took 4 minutes

I was able to get out and fly today and I must say the craft was fantastic.  This is the FIRST time I was able to fly with out it jumping in and out of GPS mode to ATTI mode.  The GPS stayed locked to 3 flights that were 18 + minutes each.

I wanted to run the batteries down and see what happened to the batteries when they got to the critical low point.  In the previous version I could have sworn that the craft just started to land and you did not have any control over it.  This time I got a warning asking me if I wanted to land or keep flying, please choose in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1  I click on cancel to see if I would be able to control the landing myself and WOW it worked!!  Brilliant DJI 2 thumbs up to you.  Finally allowing the pilot to make the right choice.  Can you imagine if you had flown over a group of people or the craft came out of GPS and drifted, with the battery just about dead it decides to land onto of all of them?  At least now you can try and make a crash landing away from people!
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South Korea

That scenario you described happened to me a few weeks ago and I had to physically move some bystanders  to avoid a catastrophe.  Certainly welcome the new version.
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