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Olympus 25mm focussing issue
1011 2 2018-4-11
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United Kingdom

For some reason, the Oly 25mm lens continues to refuse to calibrate on my X5. I use the 12mm Oly with no problem whatsoever, but when I try to calibrate the 25mm it throws up an error saying the subject is too close or it simply ‘hunts’ back and forth trying to get focus. This happens happens when using a high contrast subject to calibrate and of course one that is at distance. It happens 80% of the time. It’s become a crazy situation as I now find I can no longer rely on the lens and so it has become redundant, which is an absolute ridiculous situation for a pro photographer out on a job. This has happened from day one, about six months ago, with different updates. I’d be grateful for a reply with a fix for this from DJI, as there appears to be other posts I have read but no satisfactory conclusion, unless I have missed something. I look forward to hearing from DJI. Thank you.

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DJI Mindy
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Sorry to read on this, the Inspire 1 has been released for a long time and I didn't receive other users reported the same issue, it could be the issue of the lens, any chance to find another lens with the same model to make a contrast test? If not, please take a short video about the issue so that we can escalate to our engineers for further test, thank you.
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that's definitely not normal, I have an E-M10 with the 25mm 1.7 and autofocus has never been a problem

Kodi nox
7-4 13:45
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