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Ronin MX vs X3/X5 Control on the M600
544 1 2018-4-12
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So I was able to mount the X3/X5 Camera Plate on top of the M600 so that I can use it as a FPV and still be able to use the Ronin MX with a Camera attached to it. I got video stream from both the ronin mx and the x3 by plugging in the x3 to the gimbal port in the lightbridge 2. But I noticed that it only lets me have control over the x3 Gimbal. I cannot use the ronin mx Gimbal, remote start/stop or have focus control. Is there a setting that would allow me to let the slave controller have control of the ronin mx functions while using the X3 as an FPV camera? IMG_2760.JPG
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M600 series do not support dual gimbal. Since you have installed Ronin-MX on M600, we do not recommend you to attach an X3/X5. Currently, only M210 and M210RTK support dual gimbal camera.
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