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Goggles + Spark: Weak signal
813 2 2018-4-12
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Received my brand new DJI Goggles yesterday (ordered them from the official DJI store),

Besides that you could see traces of use on them (even if the seal of the box was intact, i guess it must be returned units that are just repacked and sold again) everything else was ok so far (will have to test with some flights today).

What I noticed so far: I used the known prodecure of connecting the Spark to the controler, then the app via Wifi as usual. After everything ist connected and latest firmware updates are checked, i plug in the Goggles via the official DJI OTG cable that the DJI store tells you to buy in case you use the Goggles with the Spark.

What i noticed is that the Goggles seem to have major problems with the connection as they are giving me "weak transmission signal" warnings and the video feed gets stuck you can also see that the telemetry of the aircraft goes away. So far, I only tried it at home inside my house (bad weather yesterday) and did one flight, in which the goggles kept giving me several weak signal warnings, lost connection and so on, making impossible to do a single reliable flight. I also noticed, that when you try to download a video from the spark to the goggles, it will also lead to a "weak transmission signal" message and connection problems.

Interestingly, the controller and aircraft seem to have no problem, I can still control the Spark like always. I guess the "weak transmission signal" warnings are incorrect and have something to do with the Goggles. The only thing that helped was shutting down the goggles mid flight, booting them up again, and then replug them.

As mentioned, I only did a single flight and 2 tests in which I did not lift of from the ground. Today I will have the chance to so real outdoor flight tests and hope that this problems were some kind of special case. Altough, I have seen many threads concerning OTG cables and spark leading to such "weak transmission signal" problems.

Anyone else having such issues?

ps: Of course, the Goggles, Spark, Controller, App, Phone are all on the latest firmware/software. Did a firmware update for the Goggles to the latest version before testing it out
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I noticed the same problem when connected to my Spark.  Didn't fly far enough away to actually drop the video feed.  Surprisingly no weak transmission signal when connected to my Mavic Air or Mavic Pro.
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Are your goggles the RE version? I seem to have similar issue but in my case, when I connect the goggles it changes my custom channel setting to auto and the transmission is horrible to the point I'm unable to fly with the goggles. DJI should update the goggles so that it does not change the setting especially if you are using custom with your own selected channel or allow the wifi/channel setting to be changed within the goggle menu. BTW, I'm also on latest firmware. The issue I have is with the racing edition.  
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