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Video review of my OM2 experience, and a few questions
452 2 2018-4-15
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United States

I ran into a few issues when testing out my new OM2. Anyone else experience these, and more importantly, found a fix? (doesn't seem to be any firmware updates available)
  • Stuttering when panning side to side
  • Loses tracking on anything beyond a simple subject
  • Poor control of video camera in app (tap to adjust focus or exposure)
  • Random limp arms

Here is a video review I made, if you are considering an OM2 (or would like to see examples of some problems I had):

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DJI Elektra

The situation will be forwarded. Please tell me the firmware of you osmo mobile 2, the version of your app. Thanks for your feedback.
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My issues with active tracking are similar Reported here - looses the subject quite easily, but then decides to swiftly re-centre itself thus ruining the shot.  If tracking is lost, i would prefer to be able to take over and do it manually.

The stuttering when panning - is that not just technique? I try to keep movement smooth and fluid. Unless you're doing a whip pan...

Not experienced limp arms. I see the gimbal motor is showing in the far right of your video - you need to slide the phone to the left more. Rebalance and presto. So far i've used a combination of DJI Go app, stock camera app (Samsung S7), and Filmic Pro  -all with varying results.

I think the zoom is redundant for most phones - who wants to shoot digital zoom?! The new wave of dual lens smartphones are in their infancy, so maybe a useful feature in the future. The zoom rocker switch would make for a excellent exposure adjustment switch...hmm, customisable buttons - there's a thought..
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