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RC/TX issues - could it be the firmware??
838 2 2018-4-19
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So, as many of my esteemed colleagues will attest, there hasn't been much flying going on for the Phantom 4 owners for the past... year... due to DJI's firmware nightmares. With .700 landing bang in the dead of winter, the past few days have been the first real opportunity I've had to take my P4 for a spin for (quite literally) the best part of a year.
Aside from the vibrating motors and a few other issues - I had one significant problem. The RC (TX). I fully charged it and then after a couple of days flying out at my parent in law's house (maybe 7 flights) I started getting a low battery warning. I thought I must have mistakenly unplugged it on the last charge, so I charged it back up, overnight, until I had a fully charged unit again. Two days later with TWO flights, and I'm getting a low battery warning.
Even weirder... I was flying around the woods near my house before the low battery warning today - and I kept getting lost signal errors. I still had control of the bird but my video feed was dropping. I have a long-range setup, it was pointed dead at the bird on a custom channel with little interference, the bird was 10ft in front of me and I was dropping signal!!! I've flown this thing 7 miles away without a hitch from the same spot. Something was not right.
Then the low battery warning came again. I landed, came home and plugged the TX in and it was on 3/5 lights. Now, 3/5 lights is still terrible for 2 flights but it doesn't match up with the emergency beeps and flashing I was getting out on the field.
Any of these things taken alone, I would say that the battery was knackered from sitting in a box for a year (thanks DJI), but everything is just a bit too weird to just blame a run down lipo.
Does anyone think this could be RC firmware related?
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DJI raza
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it basically seems like as you described that , it's power leak, the power supply in the drone is not working properly or either , your battery is f'd up
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DJI Susan

Sorry to hear the issue. May I know which mobile device do you connect? Is there any difference if switched to another recommended mobile device? If the RC still consume so fast, I'm sorry you may consider to send it in:
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