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Used drone : Apply for DJI Care Refresh : Distance and altitude test
4219 2 2018-4-20
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I purchased my Drone couple of weeks ago and the first thing I noticed when I opened the box is the small DJI Care Refresh leaflet. I tried to sign up following the link but I couldn't see option/links on how to purchase in the website (since I live in Japan , it redirect to Japan DJI site) . So I gave up the idea, and now after 2,3 weeks, I realized that its better to purchase DJI Care fresh for my Drone, especially because I am planning a trip to Peru.

To purchase DJI Care Refresh to a used Drone,  I need to create a video following several steps instructed here :

One of the steps is "Distance and altitude test" mention "distance and altitude should reach at least around 200m and 120m respectively."
I don't fly my AC that high (120m) mainly because I am scared of "flyaways". Is it Ok if I fly only around 50m for this test?

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Flight distance : 5835331 ft

I don't fly my AC that high (120m) mainly because I am scared of "flyaways"

So what will be the difference for a flyaway on 50 or on 120m?
I mean, at 50m in a flyaway, there are a lot more objects to expect, as in 120m where the battery will eventually bring it down in one piece

Fly it up, 120m or such just straight over your head for the video.

I wasn't even knowing that you can buy care refresh that long after the purchase.
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Hi, so sorry for the inconvenience. At the moment, DJI Care Refresh is only available to customers from the U.S., Canada, EU countries, the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China.  It is not available in Japan at present, you can check it from the website: Thanks!

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