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DJI Spark Test Box Utility (CLEAN LINKS)
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So some of you might know me from my work on DJI Assistant, and trying to get DevTools to work.  I have more or less given up on that route, and created a new utility.

This guy will NOT harm your Spark, HOWEVER it should be noted that I am NOT responsible for any damage that may or may not arise from use of this.  I have used this on my own Spark without any issues so far.

Of course, in order for you to be able to use this, you need to have ROOTED your Spark.  Yes, ROOTED.  Look up "DUMLRacer" for how to do that.

Once you get that done, this utility will come into play.  You can use it to check on a variety of functions, and test your hardware.

Download link for my utility is here:

My work contains no propietary code, and should be perfectly fine to upload here.  I have to be careful what links I post, so I don't get flagged.

4-22 14:23
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