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Here's some food for thought talking about range.
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Everytime I see a YT video or even post in the forums about long range, it pretty much always concentrates on the transmission power of the RC and if wanting to extend the range there is also only talk about boosted antennas for the RC, however only once have I read or seen/heard anything about the transmission power of the AC antennas. Correct me if I'm wrong, but since the video signal is being transmitted from the AC, shouldn't the transmission signal from the AC be the one boosted to increase range? Flight controls seem to not require the banwith or strength that the video signal needs. Now, does the RC actually reach out to the AC in order to receive the signal and pull it in? I know, I am ignorant about these things, but I believe the question is valid. The other day I saw a post or ad about someone modding the AC antena and replacing it with a "cloverleaf" one placed hanging down in the back of the inspire, am I wrong in beleiving that such an antenna will increace the range of transmission from the AC to the RC receiver, therefore increasing thequality and range of video signal?
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