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Dji goggles can they charge with band removed?
1135 1 2018-4-27
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I was just wondering if the Dji goggles will charge while the headband is separated from the visor? The green led comes on of course the leds on the visor don’t do anything with the band off! The reason I ask is it’s easier to for me to keep the visor in it’s case and charge the battery that’s in the band it’s less likely to get knocked over and the band can be hung up on something while it charges! I am trying now t see what happens?  I searched for the answer to this and came up empty! It seems like it works so far I will update my results in a few hours to see if it actually charged! I don’t see why it would not work unless Dji put some of the charging circuitry in the visor? That seems pointless but who knows what the engineers were thinking they made them for people with perfect vision with o easy way to change the diopter for near sighted people! I have glasses but they only work for driving I now have to get glasses just for the goggles because my close up vision is getting bad and the focal length in the goggles is at just the right point that I can’t see the video clearly! But that’s another issue.
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I've charged mine without the visor connected with no problems.  I agree DJI screwed up on the focal length.  I have to wear +3 reading glasses to use them.  I can use Fatsharks with no correction.
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