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Aircraft disconected
350 3 2018-4-28
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i have problem with message Aircraft disconected. I connect my Mavic Air and Controller and it normally works. But often i got message Aircraft disconected and i cant see live video on my mobile. I reset my mobile and after two reset everything would be ok but one time video screen turned off in middle of flying.

Drone is new, everthing is updated. My mobile is Huawei Honor 7 lite.

So, actually mavic and controller works, but screen on my mobile turns off. Dji app works normally but video dissapeared
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DJI Susan


It looks like the connection issue between the mobile device and RC. Please try to re-plug the USB cable or change to another working cable to see whether it helps.
Alternatively, you can change to another recommended mobile device to verify.
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Bill B
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The cables that come with the pro and the air. (the flat ones) are Junk. They are of very poor quality, wobble around in the bottom of the phone, Junk!. Discard them and use the cable that came with your phone and hook it in to the USB connector on the bottom of the air controller. All disconnects will go away. Please be careful to use a cable that have the data wires in them. Some of the very cheap cables that come from 3rd party people are charge cables only and can leave you scratching your head. That is why I said to use the cable that came with your phone and you use to download files and pictures from your phone. That way you'll be sure it will transfer data correctly. Use the dji cables to pick your teeth with. That's all they are good for anyway.
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I agree. The cables supplied by Dji are not good quality and you get a lot of Rc to Phone disconnects. I have suffered from these with both iPhone and Samsung but after changing to the bottom usb port and different cable not 1 disconnect has yet.
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