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Facebook Live Video Settings
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Second Officer
Flight distance : 595577 ft
United Kingdom

Just wondered if anyone knows are there any special requirements when using FB live with the Mavic Pro and Goggles.  Do you have to set a particular resolution and/or frame rate ? or is the resolution/frame rate irrellevant ?  I have used FB live in the past with a P4 but cannot remember what video settings I used.  The reason I ask is that I recently did a flight with the MP, Goggles and FB.  Facebook live only recorded the first few seconds leaving me and my FB friends underwhelmed :-)
The FB live seemed to stop at the point when i changed the res from 1080 to 4k.  So the question is, is that because FB live does not work with 4k ? or did it stop because I changed resolution ? and did the goggles have an impact on this ?

There are so many posible variables with this, and it would take ages to test them all in the field not to mention the stick from FB friends :-)

Any help/comments greatly appreciated.  


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