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Terrible Video feed... Gimbal speed board?
337 1 2018-5-7
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Mr Smith
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So I just bought the beautiful Chinese New Year edition Phantom 4 from a guy in California. He told me before hand that he had a small crash with it, and that it now has issues with the video feed, so here I am trying to figure out exactly what is going wrong with it.

Right now, the video feed seems to be ok as long as I am not actually in the air flying. The problem only happens to a large degree when the drone is in the air... So far, I've tried clearing my video cache, flying without an SD card, flying with a new formated SD card, and flying on different channels hoping for a steady signal. This was after I've done all the proper calibrations and done my best to eliminate any other variables that would cause any kinds of issues.

I recently watched a video of a guy stating that it is a problem with the circut board on the Yaw Arm of the gimbal. Apparently if it is damaged it can cause the gimbal to drift and not stay centered, and this somehow has something to do with the video feed being bad. My gimbal is currently behaving similar to what the guy in the video described, and even though all the motors seem to have power to them, it is certainly drifiting around quite a bit, and sometimes doesnt start up properly...

So I'm hoping that replacing that small board on the gimbal will solve my problem, but before I buy anything, I just wanted to see if anyone else has had similar issues and if they found a way to fix it.

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Sorry to read the issue. I'm afraid that the performance cannot be ensured after the crash. Please kindly start a case and send the unit in for diagnosis:
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