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How many Flights / Hours on the QR Adaptors
592 1 2015-5-11
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United Kingdom

I have read about the potential cracks appearing on the new QR adaptors, I have done over 20 flights and 5 hours on mine.  I received my bird directly from DJI three weeks ago with the new adaptors already fitted.  Even before these events I always check mine after each days flying 2 x TB 48 and 1 TB47 flying time usually around 1 hour air time.  They are still in perfect condition.  As there are many of us that dont have the option of fitting the old style props, it would be good to know how many are flying with these QR adaptors and having no problems (like me) An indication of how many flights and hours in the air would be helpful.

DJI don't give a torque figure for tightening the screws all they state is tighten to secure, this could be an overtightening issue I dont know.  When I first flew my Inspire I often would demonstrate how quickly the bird would slow to a hover, I am now very carefull how I fly so not to put too much stress on the adaptors.  I try not to let the issues with the Inspire effect my immense enjoyment I get from flying her.  I have had no issues on any flights apart from the slight loss on video feed at 1500m out.  Its been too windy to fly since I updated the firmware, that will be another stressfull flight.

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Les, Aberdeenshire Scotland

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Dave E
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United Kingdom

I have about 2 hours on my QR props and they are fine so far and I am keeping a close eye on them. The bird seems more stable with them than the old props but I updated the firmware at the same time as changing the props so it could be one or the other or a combination. I've reduced the braking to 80 in the app to try to reduce the stresses on the props in GPS mode. It doesn't stop as quickly but it is smoother.

Dave. North East England.
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