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Update for Geo Zones... do I need this update?
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Kuya Kano
Second Officer
Flight distance : 797913 ft

After 4 months packing up the rest of my belongings in the U.S., I'm back in the Philippines and updating mh P4P's firmware.  I updated the lastest firmware to my P4P, however for whatever reason I could not upload a second patch that said something about "Update Geo Zone" fencing or something or other...
I flew the P4P on some tests after calibrations and everything seems to fly perfectly.  Could anyone elaboate on what this Geo Zone update is for, and do I really need it?
Thank You!

Our mascot, the Tokou lizard of the Philippines

Our mascot, the Tokou lizard of the Philippines
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First Officer
Flight distance : 1133038 ft

You sure would need it if you think DJI knows better where you are allowed to fly or not. Mine had a period after latest release where a popup was displayed every time i started the equipment and after every flight even it updated nothing when brought online, this now has stopped.
There is a risk you one day will be present to a "Aircraft locked" message if there really is an update and keep ignoring it but until that should happen no need to worry.
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