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Critical Voltage warning.
365 2 2018-5-13
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Second Officer
Flight distance : 316545 ft
United Kingdom

Been flying my P3 Advacned now for about 3-4 years with no problems until today.

Controller fully charged, battery fully charged. Did all the safety checks and calibration pre lunch, but after about 2 mins of flight with the battery still showing 99% on the screen I get a 'critical voltage' warning and landing now !!!

Problem is it was about 4oo mts out at sea.
I managed to steer it back to land and by now I had no GPS either (WTF) and it crash landed into a gorse bush which broke the gimbal. (fixed with some super glue.)

Never had anything like this before.

Anyone else had this problem?.

Flown it again today following my fix but it keeps telling me 'lost GPS - atti mode' and finds it again - odd.

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Mark The Droner
Flight distance : 2917 ft
United States

This is a tough one.  P3A was released in April 2015, so it's three years old.  

I'm going to take a wild guess that maybe your centerboard has got a hairline crack.  Maybe you had a hard landing or a crash at some time, or maybe it just cracked from age due to heating and cooling over the years.  The crack would explain GPS disconnecting and reconnecting with the MC.  That would also explain why you got two completely unrelated problems re the battery reading at the same time.  

Another possibility is your master controller is starting to go, but it seems to me more likely the center board.  

I would take a very close look at the log for a better clue.  


Good luck.

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DJI Susan


Hi Buzz, we're sorry about the issue. Regarding the critical voltage, does it appear only on one battery? If yes, please try to fully discharge and recharge the battery to see whether it works.

As for the GPS signal, it looks like the hardware issue, I'd suggest sending the unit in for diagnosis:
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