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Phantom 3 pro/Crystal Sky/DJI Goggles FPV set up
925 1 2018-5-16
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Flight distance : 13845 ft

Hey all,
So, I've had the P3P and love it for how I fly.  I also bought the large Crystalsky monitor which changed my ablitiy to see details in  flights I've never seen before i.e. tracking a hawk in flight.  I have a pair of FatShark dominators, and the HDMI controller output but only get the basic flight info instead of a replica of the DJI go app AND the resolution is not that great! I'm seriously considering the DJI goggles but the problem is that P3P won't connect to DJI goggles.    So.... here is my thought... I need your opinions.

1) If I get the DJI goggles and use the HDMI ouput on the crystalsky to the HDMI input on the goggles, I should get the identical images in the goggles as on the CS monitor right?  
2) Using the CS HDMI out, what resolution would I get in the goggles?   It's my understaning that the output is 1080p.  Will that translate to 1080p in the goggles?

Do you think this setup would work.  I know I wouldn't have the touch control functionaliy in the goggles, but is this a reasonable trade for the price? OR, are there cheaper goggles with similar specs to the original DJI that would be better financially?

Thanks for any thoughts

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Hi, there. You can use this method so that goggles can get the image from P3P. The quality of resolution will be the same. Any doubt, please contact us, thanks.
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