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Fed up with DJI GO with android
563 2 2018-5-20
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Second Officer
Flight distance : 24974 ft
United States

I am coming back from a road trip with my osmo+, during which I shot extensively. Bottom line is (but no surprise here) that DJI GO is quite frustrating. Although I did not encounter many crashes and the app is quite useable (With a Sony Experia), many bugs occurred on the field.The most frustrating one was the panorama stitching function which worked 1 out of 10. The 9 other times, it stayed indefinitely on the progression bar, and I had to force close the app.

Among the other strange behaviors:
- the spot metering icon sometimes disappeared
- icons for 180 or 360 panos sometiMes disappeared
- access to the sd card library sometime soon VERY long, displaying a black screen
- files randomly downloaded on the album on the phone
- a pop up for a firmware appeared once, even though everything was up to date, never to been seen again after

To sum up, and I think everybody here will agree, DJI really needs to work on their android software.
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DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

Sorry to read on your unpleasant experience with our software.
Firstly, what is your APP version and the firmware version?
The spot metering icon will be disabled in M exposure mode or when you are focusing.
Please make sure you are running the latest APP.
What SD card are you using? If the speed is not high, it may take a long time to retrieve the SD Card.

It is recommended to use the mobile device that is in our compatible list, otherwise, the compatibility may not be fully guaranteed.
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United Kingdom

Instead of DJI support constantly asking people to buy an apple product to get the full support of the gimbal, or use one of the officially supported products, how about putting more effort into supporting newly released devices? How long does it take for Nye devices to be supported?
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