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Lock Roll Axis
1390 0 2018-5-30
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Flight distance : 245049 ft
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My Ronin-M works flawlessly as a handheld device. Horizon is level and compensates any kind of even quickly changing movements.

If I mount it onto a CableCam, look 90° aside and then accelerate hard, for the entire duration of the acceleration the horizon is not level but tilted at 5°.

See here

Gimbal is balanced perfectly, CoG exaclty in the center point of all axis. (Else you would not see a smooth change of the horizont but shakes)
Roll Axis movement is turned off in the App. (Cannot be controlled by the Remote or Smoothtrack hence.)
Motor Power is fine. (Else it would not be able to hold the camera smoothly.)
Calibration is fine. (Autotuned it and it works well as handheld.)

I know a similar behavior from the DJI Inspire, when the camera is set to FPV. Then it rolls a bit as if leaning into the turn. Makes sense there and can be changed.

Am I overlooking a setting?
Are the PID values okay for handheld but not during the acceleration phase?

Thanks in advance for any pointers

Use props
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