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Triple Battery Charger--Only One at a Time
579 1 2018-6-2
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Mark Weiss
First Officer
United States

I bought the triple charger for my flight batteries and two extra batteries because I can't take the time to charge one battery at a time. I expected that a triple charger would charge 3 batteries at once. That is not the case. In addition to that, it can't charge the batteries for the Crystal Sky Ultra at the same time as it is charging a flight  battery. So it doesn't save any time at all.

Is there a charger that can do it all simultaneously? We'll be using this overseas without access to mains power, except for short durations like at a rest location or restaurant. So at best we can have access to mains power for an hour or two. I need to charge all batteries in that time. At the same time, carrying 4 chargers would put us over the baggage weight limit.
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Hello, I have parallel  chargers which can charge several pcs batteries at the same time . For the cherger u want, pls contact
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