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Insane topspeed with spark pro, iphone only
644 2 2018-6-5
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Joller79 DK
First Officer
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Went out on a mission today..
Range, and speed test.. Iphone and wifi repeater test.. Signal dropped about 330 meters away everytime, but that is ok. Height is 120meters, also great..
And then to the speed test, had a fair amount of wind , so thought it would be a nice day to try it out..
Remember this is without controller, iphone only.
With djigo4. And obstacle awaoidance disabled, i got 20-22 km/h. With tailwind, and it faught brave against wind and reached crazy 14 km/h.
With spark pro, against wind it reached 23km/h. So thought, ohhh yeah,   With tail wind. It reached..20-- then 30, 40. 50. And at 63km/h i had to turn it, but dang it, it was fast.. Not as agile as with controller and sports mode(it needs its distance to come to complete stop). But pure fun it was..i am planning kn uploading the clip to YT and link here later..
happy fathers day to all dads out there..

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Thank you for sharing, Advance Happy Father's Day.
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Second Officer
United States

Sounds fast to me. I've never tried it without the RC.
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