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Activating FPV view blanks main camera feed.
1037 1 2018-6-6
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I Have recently updated my CS to latest firmware along with an I2 w/X7. a strange bug has appeared which i can't find a workaround for relating to the FPV liveview switching off the main camera feed from the pilots monitor. this does not affect the slave monitor however if I active the FPV liveview with the C1 or C2 keys as I do alot during flight to check orientation. The main camera feed goes to grey. When I deactive the FPV view the feed return to normal.
If i leave the colour waveform on then it just overlays as normal. I can then switch this into FPV view and both images are present. However if i close the window while FPV view is active it blanks the screen to grey again. If I close the screen with waveform active then there is no issue.
It seems there is a conflict between the FPV camera view and the main feed. I have 2 CS monitors & it is the same on both, Also tried it with 2 seperate remotes and it is the same. I can only guess it is a bug somewhere in the system but intrested to know if anyone elese has had it but more importantly a way to fix it as it was working perfectly on previous firmware.
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Lec, it is the app's issue on the CS, the engineers are aware of and working on it. If it is possible, please don't switch to FPV when flying at this moment; or you can downgrade v2.6.3.0 via the SD card if it is convenient. This issue will also be fixed in the next app update on the CS. Sorry for the trouble that has been caused.
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