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Dual Screen CRYSTALSKY & SMALLHD 702 on remote support DIY...
1214 0 2018-6-6
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How to put a CrystalSky screen and SmallHD on top of our DJI Inspire 2 remote?
This is a DIY Hack using smallrig product to be able to stack in an elegant way 2 screens on your DJI Inspire or Phantom drone. Here the final result:

This setup still allows you to tilt the screen, easily change the batteries on both monitors and is very sturdy. It can be quickly dismantle to be put in a bag with just one lock, not even a tool is needed.
This imply cutting with a metal saw and you have to take all safety equipment and tools to be protected. also, sorry for SmallRig fan’s, we will destroy few of their rig.
Why a dual screen setup for flying?
The need for such dual screen came after the struggle to see if I should go for a large CrystalSky 5.5″ vs the largeer CrystalSky 7.85″.
I found that I may be using the Crystal 5.5″ more often on a DJI OSMO so the versatility and money saved would go in favor of the smaller one. Also, the Second screen let you clearly see the camera from the drone and the control screen full of icon still there. It’s also smaller in my bag.
Least and not last; with the SmallHD 702, I was able to apply a LUT to the Dlog HDMI feed from the  CrystalSky, which gave me a more contrasted picture. I could see much better despite the fact my 702 was not a so bright one.
After few flight, I’m convinced that I did the right choice and should keep this setup.

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