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Iphone 7 plus with Phantom 3 standard and Phantom 4 Pro
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Flight distance : 375210 ft
United Kingdom

I have posted elsewhere about the total loss I experienced when my 4 Pro disconnected and fell into the sea 2 weeks ago.   Lots of suggestions in the comments as to why this might have happened  but as I couldnt recover the aircraft there is no real conclusion.

Two days ago, I was flying a Phantom 3 standard, and it disconnected, screen went black but it stayed in the air.  I managed to lower it slowly and land it in one piece.   I have flown this aircraft a total of about 13 hours and never had it disconnect before.  It does lose signal every now and then, (when the aircraft is in sight without obstrcutions such as buildings or trees) but it always begins the RTH response or recovers the signal itself.

Both times I was using the Go app on an iphone 7 plus.    Having now experienced a disconnect with both aircraft I am not sure what to do to make sure this doesnt happen again.   I am about to buy a replacement 4 pro and wondering if I should get the Pro + so I dont have to use my iphone 7 plus.

Use props

A disconnect can happen with any DJI model, at any time and at any distance. Buying a plus version will not solve anything as they suffer as well. The best solution is to study the manual and learn how to cope with signal loss. Your issue with the aircraft falling into the sea most likely had nothing to do with a disconnect, rather another issue entirely.
Use props
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