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Inspire 2 zenmuse X7 and Racing goggles head tracking mode, how to?
829 1 2018-6-10
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I have an inspire two with zenmuse x7, a cendence remote controller, crystal sky ultra and racing goggles.  All works fine, BUT, i cannot use head tracking mode or gimbal tracking mode with the goggles even though it's supposed to be supported.  I have connected them through usb and not hdmi because that only give a view of the camera, no control. Here is what I did:
I updated the inspire, the cendence and the racing goggle to the latest firmware, the racing goggles should support the tracking mode, and I get a sort of crosshair on screen and on the display it says that head tracking mode is selected after having swiped down with two fingers and selected that option (for the gimbal, not the inspire) but no movement what so ever??
I connected the goggles to a mavic pro to see if the problem might be the goggles, but they work fine on a mavic.  

Furhtermore, i also have a second cendence controller for dual operating and tried connecting it to the slave controller, i get the image but no control so that also didn't work, I thought so because dual operating isn't supported (yet) as far as I know, but I gave it a try anyway, no luck there.

So, to resume, I get an image, no problem, hdmi works fine, usb also seem to work fine except for the head tracking mode.  Maybe zenmuse X7 control isn't supported yet? I haven't found any info on that.  Would be great to have this working to give customers an imersive feeling.

Thanks for the support, happy flying!

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Have same problem update all to the latest firmware but goggles cannot connect to inpire 2 through the cendence. Nothing works. WIth the standard remote only view no head tracking in spite it should be according firmware releases
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