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Olympus 12mm & Manual Focus
560 1 2018-6-10
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Flight distance : 10190 ft
United Kingdom

Hello, I thinking about buying the Olympus 12mm f2.0 lens to compliment the DJI stock lens for the X5 camera, however I don't want to have to re-calibrate lenses every time I switch between the 15 and 12mm, bearing this in mind can I just flick the switch on the 12mm Oly lens to MF, set the hyperfocal distance using the DOF scale of the lens barrel and simply forget the app calibration completely ??  This would be so much easier for me as thats the process I use with all my old Nikon lenses  and it works perfectly, so much easier than calibrating the lens with software which is not always that great.
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DJI Wanda

Hello. I appreciate your time inquiring about this information to us. In regards to your concern about the calibration, it will depend on you if you're going to calibrate it or not but we highly suggest to do it just to be safe. Also, please be reminded that once you use the Olympus 12mm/2.0 lens, make sure that it has a balancing ring.
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