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[Indonesia] Borobudur Temple - Droning Fee
3966 3 2018-6-11
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Borobudur temple is the biggest Buddhist Temple in the world, located in Central Java, Indonesia:
It is classified into 3 zones/area. The Zone I is the centered on the temple itself, within a radius that covers 45 hectare area.

The new fee is not only applied on flying drone, but also some other activities. Check their fees in the news.
Have fun and happy flying.


Source: In Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language),

Activities in Zone I Will Be Charged with Utilization Fee
June 11, 2018 · 09:52 WIB

The atmosphere of Borobudur Temple in Magelang regency, Central Java, Sunday (10/06/2018). Beginning in April this year, the relevant authorities charged fees for activities utilizing the temple I zone.

MAGELANG, KOMPAS - Various activities that use or utilize the area in the area I Borobudur Temple, Magelang regency, Central Java, is now charged. In addition to bringing non-tax state revenues, withdrawal fees are done as well as efforts to limit and regulate the number of visitors to Borobudur Temple.

"The restrictions on the number of visitors will also automatically have a positive impact on the conservation and comfort of traveling at Borobudur Temple," said Head of Borobudur Conservation Center Tri Hartono, Sunday (10/06/2018).

The fees for activities conducted in zone I Borobudur temple is valid on 30 April. For pre-marriage photo taking, starting from Aksobya field to Borobudur Temple building, charged Rp 1 million to Rp 2.5 million. Photos in the temple building was limited only to be on the 2nd floor only.

Taking photos using drones is charged Rp 2.5 million, while installation of panoramic lamp / clock is charged Rp 1.25 million. The video capture for entertainment purposes is charged Rp 2.5 million.

The enforcement of these costs, according to Tri, will certainly make the number of users of zone 1 lower, which in turn makes the number of visitors to the temple also lower.

With the reduced number of visitors to the temple, according to him, the atmosphere of the visit is expected to be more comfortable. This will indirectly also affect the preservation of the building and the conservation of the temple.

Reducing the number of visitors, according to Tri, is needed because the number of visitors to the temple is often excessive. With a size of 126 x 126 square meters, the complex of Borobudur Temple should, at one time, only contain 150 people. However, what happened, during the holiday season in particular, thousands of people came at the same time to the temple.

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thanks for sharing...
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I read in news paper that the ministry of culture has withdrawn the drone permission with 2.5 million charges. If someone has the latest update kindly post
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Im suprised its not completely banned being a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the UK tend to be banned, albeit you can normally get around the ban by taking off somewhere public and flying over and out again.
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