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DJI Go video stuttering - New Mexico flight
450 1 2018-6-13
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Flight distance : 653927 ft

This DJI Go 4 free form created video plays smoothly on my Android phone, and as a local file on my Mac and Windows PCs. However, it stutters in several spots when streaming from YouTube, Google Photos, or Google Drive. I've had DJI Go 4 rebuild the video two times, but get the same stutters in the exact same spots. It also seems like the audio and video synch isn't quite right when streaming, but when played locally all the clip/music transitions are spot on.

Anyone else experience anything like this, or know some things to try to get rid of them?

I'm also wondering if others get those clearly visible horizontal bands, which I suspect are shadows from propellers? Unfortunately I didn't have my sun hood attached for this flight.

Lastly, is there any way to achieve smoother endings in DJI Go free form videos, i.e. video and music fade out?

Use props
Flight distance : 552428 ft

Hi KeithLa,
What SD card are you using? Does this happen for a specific FPS/Video definition? Does it happen everytime or randomly?

You can also check my thread with the videos I've recorded in my case.
Use props
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