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Spark in Dietland
417 1 2018-6-20
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United States

My wife is watching Dietland.  Season 1 episode 4 (I think it was) has a scene with the Spark flying around in someone's home (mansion) office.  The evil female character comes in and the Spark flies up to her.  She then bats it out of the air with her purse.  Funny.  The Spark had prop guards on.  While the characters are discussing soap opera type drama at the office desk, the guy removes the Spark's battery and fiddles with it.

They did a good job flying it inside.  Hope newbies don't get the idea it is that easy to fly inside.

Use props
DJI Stephen
Super Moderator


Hi. Thank you for this information. Fly safe everyone especially when flying your drones the doors indoors.
Use props
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