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Lightbridge 2 low power mode?
442 0 2018-6-21
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Mike GD



We're developing a product using DJI Lightbridge 2. All of the avionics are enclosed in a carbon fiber housing to make it waterproof.
The product is designed so that it will be sitting in the heliport all day long, powered on and under direct sunlight until an emergency pops up, so the pilot can quickly arm and take off.

The problem we're seeing is that even with no HDMI signal fed into the LB2 air unit (we use an external channel to switch the gimbal power off), it seems to draw the same power as if it was transmitting video, and the internal temperature of the avionics enclosure quickly rises up to around 60 C.

And worst of all, since the LB2 provides the control link too, we cannot cut its power out to save the power/temperature rise associated with video transmission alone.

Yes, we're aware that the LB2 air unit has a fan to dissipate the generated heat, and we probably must design an external heatsink but we're kind of under a tight deadline and that would only solve half of the problem.

Is there anything we can do to tell the air unit to stop compressing/transmitting video when on ground, or on request?. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Use props
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