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F450 w/naza m controller
849 1 2015-5-16
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Have flown my 450 without any problems------ untill a tree reached out and grabbed it from flight.  It was still on upside down on a branch about 30-35 ft feet of
The only way I found it was to throttle it up (as I knew about where it was, I got lucky ) all the motors would turn fine. The landing gear was caught on the branch.
After a 40 minute round trip ride home and back with my little giant ladder and about 20 ft. of pvc pipe i was able to climb half way up the tree then used the pvc pipe
I was finally able to free it from the captive branchs of the pine tree.
It fell hard and hit the bottom rung of the ladder GRRR.
Broke 2 of the arms 1 red, 1 white and 1 prop. all have been replaced.
So today I turned it on to check everything and it would not start, the controller was flashing rapid orange. Indicating no TX
I connected it to the naza assistant tested the motors they turned fine, however when checking control inputs the aileron is not working,it stay's all the way to the right,
Even with the stick centered.
Thinking that the receiver may have been damaged in the fall I picked up another one and installed it and went through the bind process with no problems.
Turned on the transmitter and then the 450, now the naza flashes red rapidly, hooked it back up to the naza assistant, The aileron now shows it centered
however still will not move with input from the controller. All other inputs work fine just the ailerons not working.
Could it be that the naza was damaged also in the fall ?
I have ordered the naza controller w/gps lite and will put it on when it arrives, however I would like any input from anyone with suggestions on what else
it might be so that I can check it out.
After replacing the RX as stated above the light on the naza went from rapid orange to rapid red flashing ???
Any help would be great !
sorry for such a long post on a short subject.

Use props

United States

It could be that the Naza was damaged in the crash. Also are you sure you did a proper bind with your new RX?
Use props
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