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Mavic Pro Propeller Stuck / Propeller Jammed
2240 2 2018-7-6
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United States

Issue:  Propeller not coming off.
Background:  My friend was landing the Mavic Pro on a field with tall grass. I wanted to put a sturdy, flattened bag under it to give it somewhere flat to land. As it descended in auto-land/rth mode, I went to put the bag on the ground where it would land. Unfortunately, the Mavic did not pause before making the final landing even though it usually does pause. So the Mavic came down before I could get the bag positioned, and the drone and its blades crashed into the side of the bag. Afterward, I noticed that the front-left propeller was damaged. I went to remove the damaged prop, but it seems to be jammed. I checked the other three props. On those, I can push down and rotate and remove them, but with the damaged front-left prop I cannot press down on the prop at all. It is jammed such that I cannot press it down before rotating.

Help!  Does anyone know of a way to fix this? Should I spray some lubricant in there, like WD-40? Is there a tool I can use to help remove it safely? Do I need to send it in and pay a ton of money to have it repaired?

Thanks in advance!
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Hi thanks for reaching DJI Forum, we do feel sorry about the aircraft crashed. For us to avoid any further damages on the aircraft, we do suggest to send the aircraft for repairs. Please click the link below for you to fill-out the form. Thank you.

Online Repair Request
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Flight distance : 814751 ft

First, Do Not spray anything into the motor. It may soften the lacquer insulation on the windings.
If you look at the L shaped hooks that hold the prop, when they snap off, the bit can get wedged in the top of the motor.
I suggest you hold the top of the motor firmly, press the prop down the shaft and twist to-and-fro, gently.
This might work.
Alternatively, I would break up the prop hub with sharp cutters so only the sleeve is left on the shaft. Then it will slide off. However, you need to be very gentle and careful. so you don't strain or damage the motor in any way.
The safest way is to send it back to be repaired.
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