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Contain the Excitement, Remind Self Slow Down
363 0 2018-7-6
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First Officer
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Often The Best Sunsets happen when un-Planned, Travelling On the way home from work one day (90 klm Trip) I could See a Sunset developing that just looked Epic !.... I couldn't stop as I was on the Freeway, Annouyed that I might Miss the entire event. No sooner did I come to a complete Stop. Drone Out, Turn On, Setup, Wait for Sats to lock, All Green, Go Go Go. Home Point Recorded.  Get Up, Compose Shot, Then take Breath,.......I Got the Shot.

Tip :- Remain Calm, Ensure Sats are Locked, Safe to Take Off. Compose Ones Self. Frame and Capture.
Rushed Sunset.jpeg
Use props
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