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Sudden connection problems - Mavic Pro
782 1 2018-7-11
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I have a mavic Pro since 10 days and I went flying about 4 times with it now.
During the first two days, everything worked out really nice. I could control the drone without any issue.
Since Yesterday I have severe problems with the connection, there is a warning that my aircraft gets severe interferences and then the connection usually completely drops.
I get no feed and no control over the drone for a few seconds.
Today I went back to my original flight place (where I did my first flight) and I get the connection issues aswell. So same place, last week everything was fine.
I flew almost 800m away with full signal strength and now the signal drops sometimes 10m away.

I did update the Firmware before my first flight and did not do anything since. (instead inserting a larger SD card).

I really enjoyed the drone in the beginning but now it is almost unflyable. I intended to use it for my holydays next week but I guess this will not work now.

Unfortunately I cannot test my drone at home (neigbours came almost instantly on my first flight at home), so I cannot quickly test it.

Do you have any ideas, what I can do? Or any ideas what the issue might be?

Thanks in advance.

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DJI Natalia


Thomas, we apologize for the inconvenience that this have brought you. As shown on the application there can be a strong magnetic interference causing this error.

You can try to link the remote controller to the aircraft again if “CONNECTING” is shown on the remote controller’s LCD screen.

If occurred after the firmware update, check whether the remote controller firmware and the aircraft firmware have been updated successfully, or try to update them again.

You can “Reset Camera Settings” in the DJI GO 4 app. If this issue occurs when the aircraft is flying in an area free of interference, it is suggested to use a mobile device on the Recommended Device List, of which the decoding performance is better.

On DJI GO 4 app, tap “HD” and check the channel status under Image Transmission Settings. If the current channels are not stable, check the position of the antennas on the remote controller. Or choose a stable channel and decrease        the        “Transmission Quality” under Image Transmission Settings.

If there is severe interference with the channels, try to fly the aircraft in a place free of interference.

Insert a functioning SD card, capture a photo or video and check whether the photo or video is normal on the PC. If yes, image transmission is malfunctioning. If not, the camera is malfunctioning. In this case, use the Online Repair Request to send the air-craft to DJI for diagnosis.

You can toggle the Control Mode Switch between the RC mode and Wi-Fi mode. If image transmission becomes normal after the Control Mode Switch istoggled to Wi-Fi mode, the remote controller is malfunctioning. If this issue persists after the Control Mode Switch is toggled to the Wi-Fi mode, the aircraft is malfunctioning. Please use the Online Repair Request to send the aircraft or remote controller to DJI for diagnosis.

If there is no image transmission after a crash, you can use the Online Repair Request to send the aircraft to DJI for diagnosis.
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