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Goggles keep changing freq
850 0 2018-7-11
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Hey all,

Recently got the DJI Goggles RE and noticed that it keeps changing the frequency to AUTO from CUSTOM. Let me explain.... I have been playing around with the goggles and spark and they seem to work pretty well. I have the frequency on the spark set to custom 5.8ghz on ch 157. Using the Go app, its perfect. However, when I plug in the goggles via OTG, I see the signal but does not indicated 2.4 or 5.8 until a few seconds later. After it displays 5.8ghz, the setting is set back to AUTO and the signal is horrible. Reconnecting back to the Go app confirms the setting is set back to auto. Is there anything that can be done so the goggles does not change this? I also tried 2.4ghz and it does the same thing. Changes back to AUTO. The goggles is on latest firmware. Please note that this is not the DJI Goggles which only support 2.4ghz that I'm refering to.

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