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Feature request - Atti-mode training
428 0 2018-7-13
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Flight distance : 245932 ft
United Kingdom

I would like to be able to program a button to force atti-mode in order to practise flying in a safe environment. This would give me chance to practise my response but with the ability to re-engage GPS mode if required. (So keep those GPS locked and ready to use.)

Flight control (only) should be affected. But max distance / elevation, RTH calcs, etc should use GPS.
It should automatically re-engage GPS in a number of situations, e.g. signal is lost, RTH, potential colision detected etc.
There should be a warning the user has to accept when enabling the feature on a button. This should make the risks clear and recommend setting an appropriate max distance / altitude.

If flying in dual controller mode then using the other controller should revert to GPS mode too.

Personally I have a Mavic Pro. But from DJI's perspective I'd initially target a single drone model with advanced colision detection and the ability to use dual controllers as they would make better training tools.
Use props
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