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First unspectacular loss & some questions to locate in that case
983 2 2015-5-21
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After the first flighst you start to play more and sometimes with less brain...
Yesterday I realized for the first time the green VPS lines under the vertical speed and thought, I could "sense" this way a low real height more exact, if my P3 is far away and lower than me/me on a higher point.
So I started 700m away to sink slowly and waited for the VPS lines, unfortunately exposure was much to low and live view very dark, so I did not see the landscape very well. Suddenly live view froze and App said "No Signal". :-(
But now I saw, that the wheat in the live view was already passing the horizon... So apparently my P3 touched the wheat and fall down and there at the bottom of 1m wheat in a field 400m long with antennas in the landing legs no signal, even with the great lighbridge...

Ok, not a good idea, to trust in the VPS above wheat, afterwards one is always wiser...
But still a very brusque change from full signal to no signal in less than 1m...
So landing far away and take off again later (what I already planned as a "cool action") may not be a good idea, if you do not have really direct view from your Transmitter till the real ground of your chosen landing area (what is out in the nature or also with buildings around rarely the case I think).

I could locate it even without connection roughly with the GPS map. But for the last 10-15m (with a less exact map out in the wilderness a lot more) it was a 10-15min search. A beeping P3 copter would have been great (like the really loud beeps when turning it on...). Connection came back the last 100m, so I could have activated something in the App. Is there anything for "beeping" or any chance that this might be established soon? or a permanent option "beep ehen 1min without signal or on the ground without any commsnd received"

Second help could be to see your own/actual transmitter position (not the former Home Position) when near the copter, than you can find it much easier. Is there a chance for the app to now that? Maybe from the Smartphone/Tablet GPS? I did never turn on that so far, but I guess it will show nothning in the App yet? What if the future featute "Set Home Point" is established in the App, will this only set the actual/new copter position as Home Point? And if this is up in the air at the moment you press the button?

Or the other way round, to see the last received copter coordinates in the App, which you could put in a GPS App, which then shows you the copter position and your own at the moment...
I know that the coordinates are in the subtitle file on the Micro SD Card when recording, but also in the App even without connection or recording? Of course they are somewhere, as the copter position is shown in the map, but how to read it out in real numbers?

p.s. P3 was perfectly ok!






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2.4GHz and 5Ghz do not fare well up against water (which those wheat stalks are full of!)
That would explain why the signal was lost almost entirely in there

But, you learned you lesson - never rely on anything other than your own eyes otherwise you're risking damage to people/property/your gear!
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Why not enable a RTH or control loss beep? Something that sounds in either "state". Just some sort of 5 second ping. Seems like a no-brainer to me.
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