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Procedure for connecting the GamerSir T1d to Android
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I was initially unable to connect the GamerSir T1d Game Controller to any of my Android devices. I've seen a number of other users reporting similar problems. The documentation is less than helpful in this regard and neither GamerSir or Ryze's websites or forums provided much help.

That said, with a little effort I worked out the following procedure. This works reliably for me, hopefully it will work for you.  

1. Start the Tello App on your Android device (you don't need the drone turned on or connected).

2. At the Main Menu/Page, the Bluetooth icon will be greyed out.

3. Go to the Android control panel (and enable Bluetooth if it's not already turned on).
4. Turn on the GameSir T1d controller.  The four blue Charge/BT Connection LEDs should blink indicating the device is in pairing mode.  

5. When "GameSir T1d" appears in the Available Devices list, select pair. The controller pairing LEDS will go solid. The controller WILL NOT pair. REPEAT, PAIRING WILL FAIL. However, while Android and the controller are attempting to pair, go to the next step:

6. Immediately switch to the Tello App (select from list of running apps).

7. In the Tello App, seletect Control Panel (the gear icon), then "Bluetooth Controller Settings." Wait for GamerSir-T1d-xxxx to appear in the list of available devices. (If pairing timed out as indicated by solid blue Controller LEDs, wait. The controller will go back into pairing mode, when it does you'll see "HID" flash in an Android connection popup and the T1d will be listed in the Tello app Bluetooth Controller Settings). Select "Connect." When the T1d connects, you'll see "GCM" flash in an android popup.
8. Return to the Main Page, the Bluetooth Icon should now be enabled and the controller should be connected and active.

Note: Once you pair the T1d with Android the first time, Android and the controller will attempt to pair every time you turn on the controller. So you don't need to go through the ANDROID pairing procedure after the first time. Simply start the app, start the controller, and then follow steps 6, 7, and 8.

This procedure worked for my Samsung S7 Edge running Android v8, Samsung tablets running a variety of Android versions, and a generic cheapo Alcatel burner phone running Android v7.

Hope that helps.

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Nice information, thanks for sharing
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Daniel Auclair


Quelqu un pourrait me dire comment faire pour aller programmer le game  sir t1d avec le Tello ryze je tente de aller dans le menu et ça ne fonctionne pas
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Super Moderator

Hong Kong

Appreciate your great sharing, hope you have a good time on flying!
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