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564 0 2018-7-22
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Hi, hopefully someone in this forum will have tried the Olympus 12mm lens and also own the X3 and will be able to answer this question

I have both the X5 with 15mm, 25mm and 45mm lenses and the X3 camera, I'm now thinking about buying the Olympus 12mm, my question is, would there be much if any perceivable difference in sharpness between the Olympus 12mm and X3 camera for Video at 1080p  (obviously the 12mm will outperform the X3 for stills)  I realise the X5 has a bigger censor, I'm just talking about perceivable sharpness in real world terms without pixel peeing for video.

I love the X5 at 4K but find the video is a bit choppy for my liking when panning at 24/25 fps (using either gimbal or craft) also the X5 doesnt excel at1080p whereas the X3 does, I find the X3 at 1080p is far better than the X5 as it allows you to take dvantage of the higher frame rates 1080p offers for much smoother panning so I do realise there are pros and cons to my question above....... photo and video life is full of compromises, if only life was straightforward.

I would really welcome any comments so I can make a final decision as I'm not sure which way to go....... maybe it's time for an Inspire 2

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