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Set keyframes in the track mode
634 1 2018-7-24
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Ronny Boysen


Hi all. Just playing with my new Ronin S and I fell in love with the track mode. But it behaves a bit strange in my opinion. I move the camera by the controller to the exact position I want, I hit the + to store it as a keyframe, but the new keyframe is not placed where the little green camera is on my app which indicates the cameras tilt and pan. Insted it is placed right above another point and not where i want it. I can however move the little dots on my ios-app to move the keyframes, but this way is not very accurate, espessally dealing with a 200mm. When I checked out the motionlapse mode that feature works as I expected: the keyframe is stored right where I positioned the camera. Anyone having the same problem?
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confirmed. I think this is a Bug, and this needs some work.I've reported this here: ... D531%26typeid%3D531
before I saw your post.
Will be a great feature one day. Maybe there could be some 'ramp smoothness' parameter...

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