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Phantom 3 4K IMU problem
345 0 2018-7-27
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Flight distance : 807 ft

So a friend who owns a pawn shop got this Phantom 3 4K in. Nothing can be done with it because its throwing IMU errors and says it has to be recalibrated.

When I go into DJI GO app and look under the sensers there is ZERO information in the boxes and "Check IMU" as well as "Calibrate IMU" are greyed out (clicking on them does nothing).

I took off the cover, tried the tapping trick and there was no change. I even went as far as taking the damn thing apart right down to the little tiny postage stamp sized circuit board and tapping around in all 6 directions. I put it all back together-ish (no screws on the top just in case) and now I can click on the "Check IMU" and "Calibrate IMU"

It says it's calibrating however there is no "progress bar" like I would have expected. Its been sitting like that for about 20 minutes doing nothing other than draining the battery.

Is there anything else that can be done or is this IMU just trash? We really have no information about this thing at all. It looks to be in good condition. If it crashed you wouldn't know it.
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