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2 important questions (weird idle mode)
282 0 2018-7-28
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1) I just Got my ronin-s for my gh5 and i Also have my atomos Ninja inferno. they are all paired Up. But whenever i plug in the usb-C cable from the ronin my screen on the camera goes Black so i Can only see information on my Ninja inferno. What could this be?

2) Also i have some problems when i need to balance the ronin when i Got my Ninja inferno on the side, it’s like the hdmi cable is maling it impossible to balance it? And when i use it with the monitor and cable sometimes even though it says it’s on it just goes “idle” and let’s go for no reason? What could this be?

The app Kept saying re-balance needed on the  pan axis, but whenever i tested the pan axis like in One Of the tutorial videos, it Held perfectly still in the middel.
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