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d-log 500 iso tips
453 2 2018-7-29
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i just upgrade my p3p for a p4p.

i've always shoot in d-log whit no probleme and an amazing image in my video! but for some reason dji decide to lock the iso at 500 on the new p4p! i'm certainly doing something wrong because there is almost always noise in my shot and that kind of anoying to realise that when i get in post. i've start shooting in cine but in my pinion i miss a lot of detail in that mode. i know i'm doing something wrong here because a see a lot of amazing footage from the same drone in d-log!!

do someone know whats going on and what to do to get over that little issue, some setting to play whit or i dont know what
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nope you are doing nothing wrong. as photographer i asked myself the same question when i change from p3 to p4 and dji is just professional to bring out new drones with worse features. i hate it they lock it to iso 500. go woth cine and then step down contrast to -2.
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On another post we have open at the moment we suggseted:
I think really the option is to have user define profile settings is the answer.  

As suggested and for example you might create two :  

1 ) for Photos with the following settings Raw ISO 100 Shutter 500  F2.8 etc  

2) for Video with these settings D-Log ISO 500 Shutter 60 F5.6 etc  

Then maybe use one of the rear toggle switches to jump between the Photo/Video modes you created.  

These would be user define Configs for Photo 01 and Video 02 (could be expanded upon later etc).


P01, P02, P03 V01, V02, V03
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